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Improving Online Visibility by leveraging the web

As the Web continues to be an integral part of Academics, it is important for institutions to differentiate themselves using online strategies that enables effective communication and enhances user's experience. In today's techno savvy world, a prospective student's first exposure to an institution will most likely be through the web. A viewer's perception of an institution's identity is formed while perusing the initial pages of a web site/portal. Hence, it is very essential to have an interactive web site, which connects users (prospective students, alumni, general public & corporate) with the institute. An interactive portal with rich features facilitates seamless communication with the students. It in turn helps in spreading awareness, increases enrolment and delivering the right message at the right time.

The following are ways and reasons why INSTITUTE should leverage the Internet and improve their online branding strategy:
  • Students are the active web users globally.
  • Prospective students associate themselves with institutions which can be reached out as per their convenience.
  • Web acts as primary research tool for Students, looking out for authentic information about their academic career.
  • The Institute's official website should provide a single point of access to aggregated content and information it wishes to share. Besides, easy access to information through easy & user friendly navigation structure the primary goal of the portal is to attract quality students, build strong communities and leverage corporate interactions with the students.