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Patient Experience Management

Experience is the key driver in deciding whether the customer wants to go back to the same healthcare center or wish to change the provider. When the customer's experience is positive, his / her perception is also positive and the clinical outcome is also more likely to be positive. This positive experience will make the customer go back to the same healthcare center and also share it with friends and family. So making sure that the patient had a nice positive experience in the healthcare center will make patients visit again.

We can help you to create and implement a positive Patient Experience Management solution that complements your business operation with increased customer loyalty, retention, improved service quality and profitability.

Client hired us to improvise patient experience in clinics and roll-out similar positive experience across its chain. The study was focused towards how do the professionals working in clinic make Patients feel? Do they feel welcomed, cared for, and appreciated? Or get a feeling of ignorance, botheration, and insignificance. The report proposed improvisation of the clinic layout and design, environmental modifications, improvements in staffing and training requirements and other additional services which plays a role in customer's perception. The scope of study included understanding of customer on the basis of several critical factors- demographics, gender, age, desires & expectations, identification of the means to improvise basic interactive skills with customers- (Face-to-face , personal-but-distant, electronic medium), display of "We Care For You" attitude abiding by the several ethical principles (Beneficence, Respect for autonomy, Justice), improving Professional-client relationship & ensuring right documentation (decreasing client's efforts & simplifying the complexities.